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Customers from Canada

Here you can buy the 300ml (10.14fl oz) bottle of DroomSap, which is exactly the same product as Sambrosa Sleep Juice.

  • The purchase price is in Euros and is including shipping from Europe to your home address in Canada.
  • Price displayed per two 300mL bottles.
  • For compliance reasons (GUI-0084) the maximum order quantity for Canadian citizens is restricted to 2 units.
  • For shipping costs economy, the standard amount of bottles orderd is 2.
  • To read the Product information (Package insert/PIL) in English and French ► click here for Package insert
  • Local import taxes from Canadian Customs may apply (GST, PST or HST) depending on Province.
Droomsap 300ml

DroomSap 300ml (10.14 fl oz) - "Sambrosa Sleep Juice" Price in EUR for 2 bottles includes shipping


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