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About us

About Dromenwinkel


We are passionate about health and overall well-being. We make and sell products that we also enjoy using ourselves and that we are confident to recommend to our friends. Each Dromenwinkel product has a unique formula and effect, composed with the highest quality ingredients. If Dromenwinkel's products can contribute to your sleep, your vitality and your overall health, then we have succeeded in our mission.


Our mission is to offer everyone a healthy night's sleep with the aim of waking up rested and starting the day energetically.

Our ambition

We started small and have grown enormously in recent years. We had and have big plans, also internationally. For example, we have now successfully introduced our Dream Juice in Canada and the US. And we are preparing for other countries around us.

The core of our company always remains: high quality products and excellent service. Our starting point is always simple: we treat you as we would like to be treated ourselves.

Het slopende effect van insomnia
Sleep better with Dromenwinkel

Corporate Social Responsibility, charities

As a company, we like to give something back to society. We support children in difficult situations in different countries around the world. We keep in touch with the children through birthday cards and letters.

We have been supporting various children in Burkina Faso for several years now through Stichting Woord en Daad. For an independent review of the Word and Deed Foundation, you can visit the Kiyoh website, click here for the reviews of Woord en Daad. Every month we donate €320 to Woord en Daad with which we provide structural support to 7 children. They receive quality education on a Christian basis and other basic necessities such as clothing, food, water and health care and a safe environment. See also our blog about the Word and Deed Foundation.

We also pay attention to our immediate environment, we try to make our footprint as small as possible throughout the chain, from raw materials (such as organically produced herbs, honey) to the consumer (packaging, shipping).

About DroomSap / Sambrosa Sleep Juice

Sleep Juice on a natural basis

If you are looking for a sleeping aid that helps you sleep soundly and gives you energy to start the day fresh, then you have come to the right place at Dromenwinkel!

With us you can buy a sleeping aid that has a base of honey and herbs. These ingredients naturally stimulate sleep. We work exclusively with organically grown herbs that stimulate peace of mind and at the same time have a calming effect on the body. To give an extra boost to the effectiveness of this combination, we use the sedative effect of the antihistamine doxylamine in a very low dose (only 3,26mg/mL). Each ingredient of our Sleep Juice has a unique effect on body and mind. Sambrosa Sleep Juice / DroomSap has been developed from the ancient sciencve of the phytotherapy (herbal medicine). With a natural base of natural bee honey and organically grown herbs, combined with the antihistamine doxylamine (3,26mg/mL), our sleep juiceis is unique in composition, effect and quality (all cGMP certified).

DroomSap is therefore a real hit on the sleeping market and has already helped thousands of people to enjoy a good night's sleep again. Feel free to check out our reviews on the independent Feedback Company website. (These are in Dutch but Translate might offer some help).

So don't stay awake at night any longer and discover how our sleep aid can change your nights and days too.

Dromenwinkel: natural products to fall asleep, stay asleep and start the day fit!

Wake up rested with DroomSap / Sambrosa Sleep Juice

Sleeping syrup that allows you to sleep soundly and wakes you up rested? Then DreoomSap from Dromenwinkel.com/ca is the sleeping juice you are looking for.

The idea behind the products is simple: we minimize synthetic intake and maximize effectiveness.

You can order your favorite sleeping drink directly online from us.

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